Are you dreaming of a beautiful garden that enhances your outdoor space? But you don’t have enough time and the right skill or equipment to do your own landscaping? This is when you need to hire your own professional landscaping service company. With Green Garden, we can easily make your dream comes true! Because we are a well-known landscape company in Singapore. We are not only experienced in designing stunning outdoor spaces, but also great at making our clients happy.

Hiring a professional landscaping company has many benefits. Because they have the right skills and tools to make your garden look amazing. Professionals know not only how to care for plants. But they also know how to design beautiful outdoor spaces. They handle all the hard work, so saving you from wasting your time and effort. With their help, your garden will be well-maintained and look its best.


As a top landscape company in Singapore, Green Garden provides excellent commercial landscaping services. We create stunning landscapes that impress. Because our team of skilled professionals will only delivers great results on every project. Choose Green Garden as your go-to landscape contractor. Then you can feel the benefit from our experience and expertise in transforming your outdoor spaces beautifully.


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    Green Garden: Top Landscape Company in Singapore

    Green Garden is an experienced landscaping company based in Singapore. We offer a wide range of services for both commercial and residential landscaping. Over the years, we have worked on some of the most luxurious homes and businesses in Singapore. This has helped us become a trusted name in landscaping.

    We work hard to make sure every client loves their outdoor spaces. Because we will listen to your ideas and make them a reality. Our team is here to answer any questions and help keep your garden looking great. We’re committed to providing excellent service from start to finish.

    Our skilled team is dedicated to providing excellent landscaping services. Furthermore, we focus on giving our clients a great experience and high-quality results. At Green Garden, we make sure to meet all your landscaping needs and keep you satisfied.

    Fun Fact: Did you know that good landscaping can make your property worth up to 20% more? It makes your home look nice, improves curb appeal, and can even save on energy costs by giving natural shade!

    Why Choose Green Garden?

    • Top-Quality Materials: We use the best materials for commercial landscaping to make sure every project is durable and beautiful.
    • Skilled Professional: Our team are skilled and reliable landscape contractors who bring both creativity and detail.
    • Comprehensive Services: We give a complete range of landscaping services to cover all your outdoor needs. Whether it’s design or maintenance.
    • Customer Satisfaction: We make sure every customers satisfied and happy with our dedication.
    • Trusted Reputation: More than 30 years experience in creating beautiful landscape for our customers across the country.
    • Affordable Pricing: We think everyone should have access to great landscaping. That’s why we offer fair prices without sacrificing quality.
    • Local Expertise: Since we are based in Singapore, we know the local environment and landscaping needs very well.

    Our Landscape Services

    Our landscape services help you make your outdoor spaces look great. We work on both business and home gardens, offering custom designs and regular care. Whether you want to improve your business area, update your backyard, or keep your garden nice and tidy, our team is ready to help. We focus on giving you the best results that match your style and needs. Green Garden offers:

    • Commercial Landscaping: Improve your business premises with our expert landscaping solutions.
    • Residential Landscaping: Create a peaceful and beautiful outdoor space at your home.
    • Garden Maintenance: Keep your garden lush and vibrant with our regular care services.
    • Custom Landscape Design: Get a custom design that shows off your unique taste and style.

    Green Garden has done many beautiful landscaping projects in Singapore. Our work includes business and home. Thus, showing our skills in making lovely and useful outdoor areas. We take pride in making each project unique and perfect for our clients.

    Our Portfolio

    Grass Cutting & Disposal

    Do you need help with cutting your grass and getting rid of the clippings? Call us! Because Green Garden handles grass cutting efficiently and take care of all the clippings. We make sure everything is cleaned up and properly disposed of. So we leave your yard looking neat and tidy.


    Pre-Grass Cutting Preparation

    Our team gathers all the needed tools. After setting up the mower, we carefully check the lawn for obstacles. Then, we start mowing the grass. This ensures the job is done safely and effectively.


    Grass Cutting Underway

    We regularly mows the lawn to keep the grass even and well-maintained. We also carefully monitor the grass growth. This ensures your lawn always looks its best. Trust our team to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn.


    Post-Cut Lawn Appearance

    The freshly mowed lawn, serviced by our expert landscaping company. Features neatly trimmed grass and clear edges. Our company also use the right techniques to improve the overall look. This makes your lawn look neat and attractive. Let our team to keep your lawn in top shape.


    Grass Cutting Disposal

    As a landscaping services company in Singapore, we collect and dispose of grass clippings and other debris from mowing. We make sure these materials are properly disposed of. This keeps your garden clean and tidy. We will handle all your garden waste efficiently.

    Garden Maintenance


    Landed Garden Maintenance

    Our landscaping services offer complete care for residential gardens. We make sure your outdoor spaces are vibrant and neat. With our help, your garden will always look its best. Trust our team to keep your garden healthy and beautiful.


    Commercial Garden Maintenance

    We also provides special care for commercial properties. Our team keep gardens looking clean and neat. Green Garden expertise ensures your outdoor spaces always look their best. Let our team handle all your garden maintenance needs.

    We Only Deliver The Best Landscaping Services

    When it comes to business landscaping and design in Singapore, Green Garden is the best choice. We create outdoor spaces that are both pretty and useful. Our expert team handles everything from setup to upkeep. We specialize in building landscapes and also shaping concrete. We also construct arbors and install sprinklers and irrigation systems. You can ask us to add water and light features. Additionally, we handle tree pruning and removal, power wash lawns, and restore pools.

    Experience the special touch Green Garden brings to landscaping. We are Singapore’s best landscaping company. Contact us today to turn your backyard into a beautiful place. We will make your property look nicer. Because we are the best choice for your landscaping needs.


    Step by Step of Our Landscaping Service

    At Green Garden, we start our landscaping service with a meeting. So we can understand your ideas and needs. Then, our design team makes a custom plan that works well. Once you approve the design, our skilled team starts the work. We use only top materials and the best methods. During the project, we keep you updated and make sure everything is as you want it. Finally, we provide regular care to keep your outdoor space looking great. We focus on making the whole process smooth and satisfying for you.

    Green Garden offers top commercial landscaping services for apartment complexes, office buildings, retail sites, and also government venues. Since we customize our services to fit your specific needs, we can ensure each project highlights the unique features of your property. We focus on both appearance and usability. So we create outdoor spaces that are attractive and practical.

    We use eco-friendly methods to make your outdoor areas green and easy to care for. Then, with our skills, we make your property welcoming and impressive. So, let Green Garden take care of your commercial landscaping needs. Contact us today to turn your outdoor spaces into beautiful and also inviting areas you’ll love.

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    Get Your Landscaping Services Now!

    Ready to turn your outdoor spaces into beautiful and welcoming areas? Then contact Green Garden today! Or you can just fill out the free quote form. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will contact you. Because we are here to help you every step of the way. Let us make your property a stunning showcase of nature’s beauty, designed just for you.

    Trust only Green Garden as your top choice for landscaping services in Singapore. Because with our skills and wide range of services, we will make you happy. Then, our eco-friendly solutions and professional technique will make sure your outdoor spaces look their best. Choose Green Garden for all your landscaping needs and see the difference.

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