Best Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Business in Singapore

Productivity requires a well-maintained office environment, and Green Garden ensures that. Our commercial cleaning services guarantee that your business premises remain spotless. Providing you with the best cleaning solutions is our aim at Green Garden. Our expertise lies in establishing a hygienic and healthy atmosphere for both your staff and customers.


Cleaning Procedures

 Our skilled staff will take care of the heavy-duty commercial cleaning for our clients in Singapore. This includes:

  1. Sweeping and mopping the corridor floors.
  2. Dusting and cleaning all outdoor surfaces, such as benches, railings, and outdoor furniture.
  3. Maintaining common areas, including periodic washing and cleaning of outdoor spaces.
  4. Clearing trash from common areas and outdoor trash bins.
  5. Spot cleaning glass panels and removing all fingerprint traces from entrance doors.
  6. Thorough cleaning of common toilets, including scrubbing of floors and cleaning of facilities.
  7. Using all-purpose cleaner to wipe down all vertical surfaces in outdoor areas.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Green Garden guarantees satisfaction and peace of mind. Here’s why:

– Experienced Team: Our staff is experienced in delivering high-quality corporate cleaning services.

– Customizable Plans: We offer flexible cleaning plans according to your specific needs.

– Advanced Equipment: We use the latest cleaning technology for efficient results.

– Reliable Service: Our team is punctual and dependable, ensuring your premises are always presentable.

Professional Office Cleaning Service Benefits

There are many advantages to using expert office cleaning services in Singapore, including:

  1. Improved Health: A clean environment reduces the risk of illness among employees.
  2. Enhanced Productivity: A tidy workspace boosts employee morale and efficiency.
  3. Positive Impressions: A spotless environment creates a good impression on clients and visitors.
  4. Longevity of Office Assets: Regular cleaning maintains the condition of outdoor furniture and equipment.

Our Portfolio


  • Bright Centre
  • Central-Link
  • City Square Q&M Dental Clinic
  • Crescendo Building
  • Cogent 1.Logistics Hub
  • DB Schenker 1 Bedok South
  • DB Schenker 9 Changi South Lane
  • DB Schenker Red Lion
  • DB Schenker SLC 3
  • Gemini @ Sims
  • Hoya Technosurgical Corporation
  • Leong Hin Building


  • Masjid Abdul Aleem Siddique
  • Masjid Al-Islah
  • Masjid Alkaff Kampung Melayu
  • Mitsubishi Elevator (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  • Pan – I Warehouse Complex
  • Penjuru Tech Hub
  • Santat Building
  • StorHub Self-Storage (Admiralty)
  • StorHub Self-Storage (Marsiling)
  • The GUILD International College
  • VIIO @ Balestier
Our Awards
BizSAFE Enterprise Level STAR

Eco-friendly Products are Used

Green Garden shares a genuine concern for our immediate environment. Our experienced and knowledgeable cleaning team efficiently cleans large commercial spaces. We are affordable and eco-friendly. Our responsibility is to provide you with a toxic-free environment, which is why we use eco-friendly products. Using eco-friendly products offers several advantages:

  1. Biodegradable: Our cleaning products break down naturally, minimizing environmental impact.
  2. Low Odors and Toxicity: We choose products that are gentle on the senses and safer for your staff.
  3. More Moderate pH: Our cleaning agents are balanced to protect surfaces and ensure safe handling.
  4. Recyclable Packaging: We use products with packaging that can be recycled, reducing waste.

    Our Commitment to Offer You the Best

    Green Garden is committed to providing the best commercial cleaning services in Singapore. With each service, we seek to go above and beyond your expectations. We work for excellence in every task and are proud of our work. Our team is dedicated to maintaining a clean and commercial cleaning serviceshealthy workspace for your business.

    We believe in being honest and having open communication with our customers. From the earliest encounter to the service review, we ensure that you are well-informed and content with our services. We welcome feedback and are always looking for ways to improve our services.

    Our team members are not just professionals, but ambassadors for our brand. We promote an optimistic and supportive work environment that encourages teamwork and professional as well as personal development. By investing in our people, we ensure they are motivated and empowered to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Industry-Specific Cleaning Solutions

There are different cleaning requirements for different industries. At Green Garden, we understand their requirements and provide detailed solutions for various sectors, including:

– Healthcare Facilities: Green Garden experts specialize in disinfecting and cleaning hospitals, clinics, and doctor’s offices. To keep the workspace clean and lower infection risk, we follow strict protocols.

– Educational Institutions: To maintain a healthy learning environment, schools, universities, and colleges need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. To provide a safe environment for teachers, students, and other staff, we concentrate on high-touch outdoor areas like benches, entrance doors, and restrooms.

– Retail Spaces: To improve the shopping experience of your customers, retail spaces must be flawless. To make your working space neat and clean, we offer spotless commercial cleaning services to showrooms, malls, and retail shops that always look nice and welcoming.

– Hospitality Services: Impeccable cleanliness must be maintained to meet the expectations of hotels and restaurants for guest satisfaction, and our team ensures that. We are experienced in providing high-quality cleaning services in lobbies, entrances, outdoor dining areas, and much more.

Get in Touch Today

Are you ready to clean up your workspace? If so, get in touch with Green Garden right now for the best commercial cleaning services in Singapore. We provide excellent service at reasonable prices. Let us help you create a clean and productive work environment.

For reliable and efficient office cleaning services in Singapore, choose Green Garden. Experience the difference a professional cleaning service team can make. Your satisfaction is our priority. Get in touch now and see the results for yourself.

Our consultation process begins with going through your cleaning needs. We pay attention to your worries and choices, making sure that our services align with your needs. Based on this, we provide our customers with a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, schedule, and pricing. We believe in keeping things transparent, so there are no hidden fees or surprises.

Once you approve our proposal, we will schedule a start date and mobilize our team. Our onboarding process is seamless, with minimal disruption to your daily operations. We coordinate with your staff to ensure a smooth transition and maintain clear communication throughout the service period.

In addition to our standard cleaning packages, we offer add-on services to address specific needs. These may include post-construction cleaning, event cleanup, or emergency response services. Whatever your requirements, Green Garden is equipped to provide prompt and effective solutions.

Our clients are our partners. We build long-term relationships based on trust, reliability, and mutual respect. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our cleaning services; it encompasses our entire approach to customer care. We are available to address any concerns or requests promptly, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

For a genuine and authentic office cleaning company in Singapore, choose Green Garden. Experience the difference a professional cleaning team can make to your office. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority. Get in touch with us now and see the results for yourself.

Green Garden’s reputation for excellence in commercial cleaning services is built on a foundation of quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We invite you to experience the benefits of our professional cleaning solutions and join our growing list of satisfied clients. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can enhance your office environment.

By choosing Green Garden, you are not just investing in a cleaner office; you are investing in the well-being of your employees, the longevity of your assets, and the overall success of your business. Let us partner with you to create a workspace that is clean, healthy, and productive.